Practice Areas

Paul Gemmink Legal Professional Corporation provides services within the following practice areas:



Paul Gemmink deals with issues involving wrongful dismissal, Employment Standards, Workplace Safety and Insurance and human rights. Paul recommends that you start the consultation process with him as soon as the problems and issues arise, not just after the employment has already been terminated. In doing so, he can assist employers in ensuring that any termination is done properly to minimize the cost. For the employee, he can assist in maximizing the compensation and benefits received. If the matter cannot be resolved otherwise, Paul will assist in the litigation or adminstrative hearings concerning the claim.

Paul also assists with preparing and reviewing employment contracts. For the employer, it is essential to prepare them properly so that they are enforceable. For the employee, it is important to know exactly what it means.

Paul also provides consulting services to employers with respect to disability and attendance management and harassment policies.

Breach of Contract

If contract disputes arise, Paul can assist both with respect to attempting to resolve the dispute as well as litigating if the dispute cannot be resolved. It is generally in everyone’s best interest that the problems be resolved rather than ending up in litigation. Paul therefore recommends that you discuss the problems with him as they arise so that he can assist with the interpretation of the contract and provide advice as to how to deal with the other party in order to keep the transaction going if at all possible. If the matter cannot be resolved, Paul will handle the litigation.


Paul can assist with presenting insurance claims for your business.

Presenting insurance claims can be complex. The policies are usually difficult to understand and the claims process can be a mystery. He can assist in understanding the policy and ensuring that the claim is presented properly and with sufficient evidence in support of the damages.

Construction Litigation

Paul represents several real estate developers and construction companies. In addition to dealing with the general disputes, he also does work under the Ontario Construction Lien Act, including lien actions and trust actions.

Real Estate Litigation and Mortgage Remedies

Although Paul does not do real estate closings, he often assists real estate lawyers and their clients with issues surrounding the purchase and sale of real estate. This includes problems that arise before the closing of a transaction which may well prevent closing if not dealt with in the best way possible. He will also assist with problems that have arisen shortly following the closing. If the matter does need to go to litigation, Paul will attend to that as well.

Paul is also familiar with issues concerning easements and rights-of-way.

Paul also has a great deal of experience with neighbour disputes, which can often be very difficult. He will normally attempt to resolve these in a manner that allows you and your neighbour to continue to exist together. Unfortunately, that cannot always be achieved. As a result, neighbour disputes often end up in court.

Paul can also assist with mortgage remedies issues.

Municipal Law

If you are seeking to develop your property or make changes to it, we can assist with the applications to the municipality for approval and appeals to the Ontario Municipal Board from the decisions of the municipality.

Commercial Tenancies Litigation

Common issues that arise in commercial tenancies include determining the obligations of both the landlord and the tenant under the lease. Paul can assist in interpreting what the obligations are and in advising on and dealing with the various remedies available when there has been a breach of such an obligation. He can also assist with issues surrounding sub-letting and assignments of the lease as well as with issues concerning the exercise of an option to renew the lease or a first right of refusal to purchase the premises.